Our Company

Gen Advisory Pty Ltd is a specialist Australian advisory and research firm supporting authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs).

We comprise a collegial, multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Collectively, our team members have over 25 years’ banking industry and regulatory experience, having previously been employed by: the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority; National Australia Banking (NAB) Group; and Australian Government, among others.

Gen Advisory's head office is located in the Sydney CBD.

To date, our team members have provided technical assistance to various organisations in Australia, United States and internationally.

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How We Work

Central to Gen Advisory’s approach is gaining from the outset a clear understanding of our clients’ business needs and pain points. Following a comprehensive needs assessment, we will design for each client a tailored technical assistance programme, drawing from our repertoire of advisory services.

After the client has agreed to our proposed programme, we will work collaboratively with the client to achieve their desired outcomes.

Gen Advisory does not engage in aggressive sales or marketing practices.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision: “To be a trusted advisory partner to Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions”.

Our mission: “To provide robust and unbiased technical assistance to the Australian banking sector”.

Our long-term goals:

  • To be a trusted advisor within our niche segments.
  • To adhere at all times to Gen Advisory’s original values: namely: Quality; Respect; Diversity; Equality; Collaboration; and Continuous Learning.
  • To develop collaborative partnerships with fellow advisers, regulators and banking instititutions.

Our focus is on adding value and developing long-term partnerships.

Our ultimate goal: To contribute towards a resilient and sustainable Australian banking sector.

Our Team

Gen Advisory embraces diversity and inclusion.

Our aim is to maintain a positive environment in which each of our team members feels valued.

Michael Lukman

Managing Director / Adviser on banking strategy and regulation

Tel:+61-2-8088 0744

Scott Middleton

General Manager / Adviser on accounting and finance

Tel:+61-2-8088 0744

Fitria Susanti

Adviser on financial inclusion and equality

Tel:+61-2-8088 0744

Fachry Ali

Adviser on Financial Technology (FinTech)

Tel:+61-2-8088 0744

Scott Glasgow

US Adviser

Tel:+1 (202) 429 2028

Our Services

Gen Advisory’s services are underpinned by: our extensive experience as ex-banking industry practitioners and regulators; the most current literature on banking; and our own proprietary research.

Our toolkit of services encompasses the following:

Core Services

  • • Banking research
  • • Capacity-building
  • • Strategic advice


Ancillary Services

    • • Project management
    • • Industry and regulatory updates.
    • • Cultural audits
    • • Credit analyses
    • • ADI licence applications

Our Values

  • We aim to produce high-quality technical assistance at all times.
  • We treat our suppliers and staff with respect.
  • Equally, we expect to be treated with respect by our clients.
  • We embrace diversity and inclusion.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind.
  • We have an “equal pay for equal work” policy.
  • We actively support the career advancement of our female team members.
  • We are genuinely passionate about the work that we do.
  • We welcome collaboration with peer advisory firms where this would result in an optimal result for the client.
Intellectual Property
Continuous Learning
  • We recognise that the Australian banking sector which we seek to assist is highly dynamic.
  • We therefore recognise the value of, and actively seek, continuous learning.

“Gen Advisory will only accept client engagements where we are confident we have the necessary expertise and capacity to complete the assignment successfully.”

“Contributing towards a resilient and sustainable Australian banking sector."


+61-2-8088 0744


Sydney: 08:30 to 17:30 (GMT +10) - Washington DC: 08:30 to 17:00 (GMT -5)