Financial Inclusion

“Financial inclusion is a key determinant of sustainable and inclusive growth, which in turn is essential for building an equitable society”.

  • Pranab Mukherjee, then-President of India, circa 2012.

“After three decades of innovation and unprecedented expansion of access to financial services for the underserved, leaders are now faced with a new question: how to leverage the potential of this broader financial access to foster entrepreneurship, reduce poverty and improve well being”.

  • Harvard Kennedy School, “Rethinking financial inclusion: Innovation for policy and practice”, Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) Program. ©Harvard University. Retrieved June 2018.

Image source: CGAP

Gen Advisory’s focus on financial inclusion encompasses the following topic areas:

  • • The supervisory and regulatory aspects of financial inclusion;
  • • The linkages between financial inclusion, stability, integrity and consumer protection (“the I-SIP Objectives“);
  • • The potential for FinTech to promote financial inclusion; and
  • • Financial inclusion for women.

A sample of Gen Advisory’s research and training materials on “financial inclusion” is displayed below.

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